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About Skitta Comitta


Imagine being scared to learn or try something new. Imagine you just don't have that last push to commit to something new. You really want to commit to it, but you just can't.. I think everyone of us has experienced this before, haven't we?

That's were Skitta Comitta comes to the rescue! Skitta Comitta is your final push to commit to that new thing, you just couldn't commit to before. 

You scream Skitta Comitta before you're about to do something new, or something that you are scared of.

For example;

You're about to try your first backflip, but you are very scared of trying it for the first time. You scream Skitta Comitta out loud, which will give you that last bit of power, that final push, which WILL make you go for it (Skitta), and which WILL make you do it with full commitment (Comitta).

So basically Skitta Comitta is there for you to help you getting that final push you need, your final push!

It is scientifically proven that if you tell yourself that you are 100% going to commit to it (Skitta Comitta), you will commit to it more, and so you will do better. Think about this in the extreme sports community, with the right preparation only the commitment can go wrong. With Skitta Comitta, you will progress faster √°nd safer.


The Skitta Comitta lifestyle is living a life full of fulfilment, and never let any fears stop you from doing something that you really want to do. We want to show everybody that when you overcome your fear, and you let no fears stop you, your life will become that life as how you would dream of it.


It all started when Jesse Heffels got a Super Trampoline in his backyard. We started to train, and shoot videos every single day. We were pushing ourselves to try new things and tricks, and we kept progressing. 

Sometimes we were too scared to push ourselves to the maximum limits, our fear was holding us back..

One day during one of our flipping session, Lars was about to do the first Quadruple flip out of our squad. None of us had ever seen this trick in real life, and we all couldn't wait to see it happen for the first time. Lars was so hyped to try it, but he was experiencing a fear he had never experienced before. Flipping 4 times over your head, doesn't that almost sound impossible? It took him hours before he was ready to commit to the new trick, and he was still very scared.. when Lars was ready to do the new trick, he screamed out loud a second before doing the trick, and it happened. Lars his first Quadruple flip was done and we experienced a hype that none of us had ever experienced before. Lars told us that screaming before doing the trick helped him to get over the fear, the last second before committing to the trick. Lars told us we all had to try this out when doing new tricks.

And as Lars said, we all started screaming our lungs out before doing new tricks. It helped us so much, we progressed even more every single day.

Over the days, that random scream evolved into the words 'Skitta Comittaaaaa!'

The word 'Skitta' is basically Dutch broken language which means, not thinking about something too much.

'Comitta' is a made up word which derives from the word 'Commit'. We changed it into 'Comitta' because this rhymes with the word 'Skitta'.

After using Skitta Comitta while trying all of our new tricks and commitments, we knew we created something. Something that we have proven to work to overcome your fears.

This all was too much to keep to ourselves, so we decided to share it with the world. We decided to share it with you guys.

The response that we got was insane.

Now everybody can represent the Skitta Comitta lifestyle and have that final push to overcome their fears.


Jesse Heffels. YouTuber & one of the guys that started Skitta Comitta. (@jesseheffels)

Wouter Thönissen, a.k.a. Wally. Professional screamer, one of the guys that started Skitta Comitta. (@thewally.ig)

Lars Caris. Instagram personality, one of the guys that started Skitta Comitta. (@larsjeheftig)

Paul Thönissen a.k.a. Red Sheeran. Skitta Comitta office personality. (@redsheeran.ig)

Tommie de Vlieger. Skitta Comitta Videographer. (@tommietheflyer)

Niels Derckx. Skitta Comitta Graphic Designer. (@nelusd)

The Skitta Comitta Crew's only goal is to share the Skitta Comitta lifestyle with the world, so you can also live your dream life.

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