!Please note that packages outside the Netherlands may be delayed due to the busyness of parcel delivery!


We as Skitta Comitta will do everything to give you a flawless experience with Skitta Comitta. Of course it can always happen that something goes wrong, this is something we would like to hear. This is a perfect opportunity for us to grow. We would like to know when something went wrong or if you had a bad experience with Skitta Comitta.

When you send us a complaint or comment, we try to respond as quickly as possible.

If you prefer telephone contact, we ask you to state your telephone number in the mail. We will then try to respond as quickly as possible by telephone in order to solve the problem together with you.

If the complaint or comment is something that we first have to discuss, it takes a little longer before we can reply with a solution, but we will always indicate this by e-mail.